There is no evil, there is unevolved good!

Mankind cannot not enter the Third millennium:

  • With the doctrine of the original sin.
  • With the mantra chanting of the Buddhist monasticism;
  • With the Olympic immortals;
  • With the Egyptian initiations;
  • With the Indian multi-faced and multi-armed deities;
  • With the fratricide of the brothers Ismail and Isaak.
  • Christ said: I and My Father are One!


Mankind must enter the Third millennium with:

  • New behest of Spirit: The Spiritual Way of the Wisdom!
  • New audacity: To eat the fruit of Wisdom.
  • New moral table: There is no enemy, there is sabozhnik (every man is essence from God, therefore sabozhnik, i.e. co-god).
  • New assessment of man: Man – god-perceivable necessity; Man – god in development.
  • New hierarchy: Man – visible theogon.
  • New organ: The third eye.
  • New symbol: The Triangle with the Serpent.
  • New altar: The Book of Life – the Consciousness of God.
  • New service to God: Without One-self.
  • New sacredness: Consciousness to become light for the eyes, universal ecological responsibility.
  • New existence: To be – not to have.
  • New idea of death: The Resurrection – over-grave power.
  • New energy: To connect God’s humanity with Human godlikeness.
  • New culture: The culture of Knowledge – the knowing one is more than the sinless.
  • New Way: The Way to the Tree of Life!


The human soul

The soul is substantial and also needs protection.

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but by those who can mock and destroy your soul!"


Support the idea of ​​incorporating the Charter of human rights and rights clause soul!

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