Save the soul! The protection of the rights of the soul is a culture for future!‎

‎by Vaklush Tolev, Bulgaria‎

And fear not those who kill the ‎‎body, and the ‎‎soul cannot kill,
but fear more than one who can both the soul and
the body destroy in the fiery Gehenna.

‎‎Matthew 10:28

We address the honourable ‎‎UN Human Rights Commission with‎‎ a proposal to extend the safeguarding power of the Charter of Human Rights, by adding a clause on the rights of the soul. The soul should not be anathemized by any religion and the term enemy should be removed from the civil and penal code. In this way the spiritual integrity of man will be preserved from insult and destruction.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an expression against a cruelty unparalleled in history. It is a boundless longing in the human soul for peace, prosperity, and freedom. Voted on December 10, 1948. at the UN, it provided us with a law that protects our right to life, freedom of speech and conscience, the will for happiness and freedom from fear. Thus, historical memory remembered mankind's moral orders and God's commandments from ancient times to modern constitutional guarantees and international conventions.

‎However, the protection of one, albeit invisible, but real substance – the soul – remained in oblivion. It is recognized by all religions but is cursed and excommunicated with "anathema" when someone changes beliefs, opposes or disagrees. Anathema is a religious punishment, the most severe personal affliction that destroys human spirituality. The term "enemy" is saturated with the same negative energy. "Enemy" is a stigma on the personal soul, at the same time "enemy" is a social curse!

Moreover, "anathema" and "enemy" have become an ideology fuelling social, religious, and military conflicts, disrupting the lives of nations and their historical way.‎

Christ said, "Love your enemies." (Matthew 5:44); and the psalm singer writes, "I said: Ye are gods" (Psalm 82:6). ‎

In the third millennium, humanity must accept a new consciousness of the "other," namely, that he is not an "enemy" but sabozhnik (co-god), there is no evil, there is unevolved good.

  • We propose to declare a moratorium on the use of these formidable terms – anathema and enemy, by formulating and adopting relevant texts in defense of the rights of the soul.

‎Save the soul! The protection of the rights of the soul is a culture for future!‎





The human soul

The soul is substantial and also needs protection.

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but by those who can mock and destroy your soul!"


Support the idea of ​​incorporating the Charter of human rights and rights clause soul!

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