A new clause on the Soul Rights – the soul not to be anathemized by any religion and to exempt the psychology of mankind from the concept of "enemy".

To – Man, society, states, and planetary settler;
To – UNO, to the heads of religious and cultural institutes;
To – The Human Rights Institutions!



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, at the beginning of the Third Millennium, the world is provoked by the conflict with terrorism and faith fanaticism. Modern man is rebuilding walls, wandering in the labyrinth of the terms "anathema" and "enemy", manifested in social relations, religious statutes and military terminology. In this sense, the individual faces the challenge of freeing himself from negativity, of seeking a new worldview and a new dimension of tolerance. And the world has a new task – a new culture in the attitude towards man.

This tendency gave grounds to the Way of the Wisdom Society to make its contribution to the new concepts for protection of the individual by cooperating for the implementation of the proposal of Mr. Vaklush Tolev – In the Charter of Human Rights a clause to be included on the rights of the soul: it should not be anathematized by any religion and the psychology of humanity should be freed from the term "enemy".

Because in every religion man is different, but only in his soul is one – godlike!


09.12.1998 г.


The human soul

The soul is substantial and also needs protection.

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but by those who can mock and destroy your soul!"


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