The pure soul is a temple of God!

There is a joy which will not leave the Wisdom, as Wisdom will always be a joy. And happiness is given not only to awaken man's responsibility to joy, but to know that they can be outlived, because the need for perfection oversteps everything. Man's way is courage with which he can overpower himself!

Joy is a smile of the Wisdom, light is its legitimacy! When the light, which awakens the organism to give it function and organ of vision, becomes eyes itself – these are the eyes of the Wisdom. They do not reflect, they are way and knowledge! If you can see the light, the Wisdom is in applied necessity! This is an expression that in an excerpt from his earthly settlement man has taken food from the table of the Wisdom.

In man's life, the right was created to seek retribution, but his behaviour was given morality to awaken conscience, and the Wisdom brings forth responsibility in the sake of service to God. Then what is it that feels fear; what is that can be called an enemy; what is anathema? Are the fear, the enemy and the anathema problems or essences that evoke problems; don't they have their own original secrets involved in the great course of evolution? Is the behaviour of fear an external instill, that is set so demonstratively as request of those who create religions?

The problem is a phenomenon of a large nature, and it can be solved in a certain size, while the essence is something very complete. Thus, the idea of fear is preceded by an essence which is the inspirited spirituality, or the Godhead in matter, that is, Adam, the Breath in matter as an involutionary given of the idea of Universe Construction. Then whether this vibration of fear expressed through matter is its phenomenon, or it is the Spirit's behaviour in the great duel It has been building — the duel between Seth and Horus in the Egyptian religion or between Ahriman and Hormuz in the Persian. In the Persian religion of dualism there are differentiated truths and contradictions. What is valuable in it is the insight that Ahriman has been given a number of years in battle and countless years to Hormuz (of Ahura Mazda). Insight! The wholeness of being was indeed known.

But when one looks at Ahriman's victories, it is clear that mankind experiences the fear of not losing the balance (even for a moment) on the deck of life and the storm to take it. This fear is nowhere as pronounced as in dualism. Why? Because this is a religion of fear, a religion of the enemy, and the right to have God. Fear and enemy! The fear is of the seeking itself deity, and the enemy is set in matter through Ahriman. But after Zarathustra asked for immortality, Ahura Mazda told him, "Zarathustra, you don't need immortality! You must die to taste the resurrection!"

When, in his courage, the ordinary Egyptian, heading to Heaven, welcomes as equal and accepts the hands of his god brothers, isn't that the expression of the primary pulse "Fiat Lux"?! It is inspirited in man to build matter, to make the involutionary descent. Adam then, in anxiety, says he is naked because he enters another outfit.

  • The first fear experienced by the awakened, the seeking-knowledge inside us, is of God lost in matter.

"Adam, where are you? – "I'm naked!" is the great battle and the first fear, the fear of losing God. (It is not about the enemy yet.) This is not so much a vibration of the Spirit, but a wave in the very matter that surrounds spirituality, disturbing, because as written in the Book of the Dead: There was a risk that the eye of Deity would fade — I returned it, I saved it! Here is this great "I", this Egyptian (who is not placed in the pyramids because he is not a pharaoh) has the courage to say that a god, equal to them, goes to the gods!

This is the range of "fear", which even in the judgment of the great Teachers remained only the reflection in the matter. Then came the use of this vibration as an instill of awe because God did not realize Himself in man.

Since ancient times, fear has been instilled as the idea of survival. Fear does create a struggle for survival, but it is the most unworthy way and means of building human dignity. The idea of survival is not insight, but circumstantial harmonization. It stands at the bottom of a "moral" decree that has brought so many lows into the world: "Purpose justifies means!" it is a mischief-making doctrine used virtuosoly. (Machiavelli invented it.) And the church applies it as a programme – doctrine of the entire Papal institution! But no less hypocrisy in this regard manifests the Byzantine as well. Thus, as a biological need and social formation, a principle is created, too immoral: at all costs to survive! With what? – with greatness and dignity or with humiliation? There is a saying, considered English, and in fact it is of Solomon's wisdom: "Better a living dog than a dead lion!". But who can satisfy his being with a living dog, instead of the lion's royalty?! (Why is it attributed to the English? There must be both historical and moral reasons!)

  • The problem is not the survival, but how to walk a way to perfection — walk with knowledge that My burden is light! Christ does not say to get rid of it...

Fear gives rise to man's desire to seek more the desert than the fruit tree — he is prone to misery in his soul and a rebuke to the misery in social given, and he is not inclined to the sacrifice to water the tree of his abundance which will feed him! However, if someone wants to light their lamp, they must know there is no need for Old Testament sacrifices. And even in the most sacred, in the Holy Communion, it is said "With fear of God you step forward and with love!" Why should you be afraid of God? Step forward with love, with humbleness, with audacity, with recognition! You are His child! There is another phrase set — that he who unpreparedly partakes of the holy communion, prepares his own doom. Why should man be brought the horror of burying himself and not given the secret that he is evolving?!

You should not live in the fear that you have no right to say the name of God. For how do you want this "child", whose bodies are so fragile, to come to the temple under Your hard right arm and under Your zealously?! Yes, as a social need Moses used cruelty, and applied cruelty and Jesuitism (as it is now called), but after three thousand five hundred years to become a worshiper of Jehovah... We must find the formula that the destruction of the form is not death but a liberation process. Then there is no need for a hard right arm, because there will be no one to suffer from depression. Thus, humanity will be freed from the obsessive idea that God is zealous, that He is vindictive (an idea also embedded in Christianity)... This fear has nothing to do with the awakened responsibility of our soul in the idea of wholeness, it has to do only with that outward and zealous Jehovah.

Humanity has enough signs of courage. In mythology, the one who instilled fear from the outside was the Minotaur. He – as a legal sanction of a contractual relationship, each year asks the Athenians for seven virgins and seven young men. Then Theseus comes and defeats him. There is always a Theseus inside us! And we have the Labyrinth in us, and this thread of Ariadne, on which we have stringed consciousness and ways — Theseus wins because is given a way out through the thread of Ariadne. When Ariadne follows him in his devotion and love, the great miracle happens — the miracle of freedom — fear is prevailed! And she, who goes as vowed to become the wife of Theseus, is declared a goddess. Our soul, this Universal mother, is declared a goddess!

Everything is in us. God is in us! Magnificent temples rise, altars are built — but where is the Godhead?! And a magnificent temple has been created – the man temple; a great altar has been erected – the altar of personality! But where is the Godhead? And this is where the supremacy of Jesus Christ is— He does not allow any of His cells to vibrate in the turmoil of fear that God is lost. That is greatness! The formula of Crucifixion is the duel between Spirit and Matter, but they did not realize it, and they made weeping for the Crucified one without realizing that He performed not only the epochal (the epochal is only earthly) but accomplished Godlike reciprocity. He frees his former brethren in service to God from what they either did not know or did not need to say.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection overcoming of fear. Fear is an essence, because it is the work of the Spirit Himself in the matter of the one who must realize God. And who is he who can realize Him? Only man! Angels will sing: holy, holy..., but it is man who can realize God, and God in man defends the Son of Man, and the Son of God! This is why I say, great battles have been fought so far (these were great teachings) but battles for man. With the insight of intuition and the Doctrine of the Wisdom, with the third eye in action (for the future task – our enlightenment), mankind enters a new knowledge with a new responsibility— the battle for God in us, the battle for the freedom of the Godhead. And then we will see with insight what kind of paradigm is contained in the fact that man is a god in development, that he is a future God and a future Universe, and we will understand how will this great conflict man-God free us, or how it will draw us as a magnet in the idea of "enemy"?!

Enemy – what does that mean? From Greek "εχθρός" means "hostile, adversary", but they are not the same thing. The enemy is a man who hates someone and fights, but still does not feud.

  • Hostility is reciprocity in hatred, while the enemy is personal hatred.

And there was no insight of the idea that this enemy Christ speaks of, that you must love him, is the hand of evolution which points you to understand that there, in him, you stand, there stands the man, the unevolved god! Hostility is polar and it very often wears out man. Two are feuding — the enemy remains one. Man can feud, but within himself – until he wins! This duel is inevitable. When we feud in ourselves, morality is created by the awakened conscience, by the remorse, not by the idea of Righteousness seeking retribution. Christ does not condemn the female sinner, but tells her never to sin again. Ideas of righteousness and ideas for a moral path! So, there is a hostility in us: between man and god; between righteousness seeking retribution and morality that awakens conscience as an inner recognition, as science, as a communion of holiness!

The enemy (as well as fear) is truly our corrective and necessary brother in vital need. But now the concept of the enemy must be exempted from the scale of the word, exempted from the civil and penal codes! Let it be replaced by the word adversary! The adversary may be our thought or desire, but not the crowned one, not the enemy. The idea of enemy (who is man himself in the hostile environment of matter: of his own thought, of his own desires, of everything that wants to make him an egocentric) is much needed in the herd period and very superfluous when the individuality that strung the beads of individuals will have to serve in the Universal realm of the Wisdom. Because the Wisdom is no longer just a realm of Heaven — it is a realm here as well, it is needed here, too!

If man is a god in development, then the natural protection comes from defending this god — until yesterday an enemy, and in fact an unevolved brother of ours. Here is the great and profound meaning in the aphorism there is no evil, there is unevolved good! How does Christ hierarchize these essences? You have been taught, "Love your neighbour," and I say unto you, "Love your enemy!", love yourself in the other. That is the great idea! When does this great battle in man begin; when will he become self-aware?! When will the growth of the ascetic, which is truly an applied reality as opposed to the heroic, which is on display and bow, be given in the history of mankind?! There are elements that should accompany us in this strangeness — silent and forgotten. The ascetic wakefulness is forgotten — that growth which mankind receives in its ascesis. But if there is even the slightest act of heroism somewhere — here is the heroic beginning — it is sung and worshiped. But the ascetic — no! And it does not mean cave — that sense with which men, who cannot do it, have become accustomed cheaply to excuse themselves. The cave is in us! We must return to the ascetic principle, freed from the visible historical heroism, so that we may free ourselves in the battle for God in man, to enter this cave, to bring God out of the hostile ones!

Fear is a formula for dis-godification, but we also treat it as a formula for dehumanization. Why? Because we gave him the right to life, because we did not interpret it. Because we do not do like Penelope - to weave during the day, but at night to unweave so that we can have the resilience, have the conviction and not fall asleep over what we have chosen. She must always be awake, this eternal Penelope in us, our soul — always awake, because she is waiting for her chosen one. Weave and unweave, so she will not be deceived. This is the lack of fear. And Dimcho Debelyanov wrote During the day I build tirelessly, at night without spare ruining. Not only a poetically figurative revelation — but this is also a secret knowledge! In the poem "Trice", in his ecstasy he will say: There was neither time nor space!

Great poets are poets of insight — they do not just express emotions. Unfortunately, the Bulgarian literary critics could not find (because they truly little understood from occult knowledge) how many values our poets gave. No one saw with insight Pencho Slaveykov's great idea of this god-significance – the unity of God and Bulgaria, although there were several large occult societies in our country. They write about the pretty maid, they tell cheap stories, but they cannot feel the secret: to see their own people as Godchosen and their children — as a gift of spirit, how they materialize godlikeness!

So, fear as a primary form dis-godifies and dehumanizes. The horror has taken many casualties, put out many fires and closed many eyes. Why? Because they did not want to know the need of occult vision. When you are blind to the world, you are seeing for the inner life. That is why decades ago I wrote:

  • To be awake when the world deceived falls asleep;
  • To be brave when empowered fear thrones;
  • To be strong when ignorance laughs at;
  • And forgive when an enemy on your shore is guesting.

The Cyclops loses his eye. He shows no foresight to know that the cunning Odysseus can tie himself under a ram, to hide under his past, under the animal kingdom in which he was. That is the trick. But the Cyclops has no insight, he is blind to the occult, cannot see with his inner eye. When you are blind to everything everyday, then you are sighted to your god. Homer - this blind man, the only one among the sighted who could see! This is the great initiation of the inner vision.

To be brave when empowered fear thrones... There is no more cruel manifestation than empowered fear. It creates phenomena of heroics. Great courage is required so that you do not become submissive and change your conviction when it thrones... Its manifestation is also the mass slaughters (even if it is not historically true). Thus, out of Herod's fear that a newborn son of God, that the king of Judah would come, would follow the order all the infants in Bethlehem and in the whole kingdom to be killed*. This is the empowered fear, which is a social tool, but not an evolutionary elevation. Then you have to be brave— to endure the ruling fear, because it is ruthless in its self-defense.

To be strong when ignorance laughs at... This is power! The Initiated can never be disturbed. Never! And for nothing! He is strong because he has the will to win.

And to forgive when an enemy on your shore is guesting. On your shore, in your eyes he guests. The unevolved god is guesting. In others’ eyes it is the same – you (only the colours may be different).

  • Then invincible will be your hand,
    and way reliable with you will walk the people's destiny!

Lack of fear, freedom from enemies, because they are who must be loved. Here are these three rays— fear, enemy, anathema, gathered in the bunch, called destiny.

When will man not use anathema? When he knows God is in the other. There is no greater profanity than to perform a curse on the soul which built one "self", that had made a living, and send it into the abyss of matter, excommunicating it from the blessing.

The great horror with which humanity is experiencing is the doctrine of fear as a social system, as a social force. Violence against certainty! Or the doctrine of modern times: "Sovereignty over security." As obscene as this thesis may be, it lived on. And now they apply it, but in a slightly more specious form. It is sad as a social necessity, but it is a real need for the little man. Because the other doctrine is missing: the idea of the man-god.

It is said that we must apply values in our civil service, in our religious worship. They talk about values, but neither understand them nor apply them... What Christian value have they applied? Has anyone taken off his shirt and given it away? If If he is a sponsor — he is waiting for praise; if he has given alms — he is angry with the one who received it for not thanking him!! And the one though, who receives, is not satisfied — it was not enough! Are these the Christian values? Or that the human soul is brought to the outstretched hand...

Five thousand years, one system builds values, two thousand years — another. These are steps of Spiritual Waves. Mankind lived in Righteousness, and there is no Righteousness without violence. Then Christ gave Love as forgiveness. And a crossbreed was made — Righteousness with Love and Love without Righteousness! Just a lack of flair for a new doctrine! But the important thing is to throw the grain, even if it falls between the weeds - because either the frost will scald the weeds, or in a year the grain will come out.

Victory over fear will mark the threshold of a new consciousness. In the old occult scriptures, it is written, "Fear only fear!" It dis-godifies man. On the doorstep of Isis (the initiated know) everyone who vibrates in fear is returned (Moses was returned twice and was not initiated until the third time).

An epoch is coming to an end, the epoch of man's fear of man, of the man-of-race. This fear dominates in Jewish culture, dominates unfortunately even now. "Homo homini lupus est" — was the doctrine of the Roman Empire. The sects repeat the "magnificent" proverb: "Be good, for our God is watching over us," and when they are attacked, they call the satan and perform a curse. Is this pastorship; is this a religion; is this Christ?! (What a great spiritual gift the proto-Bulgarians had — to have God without satan!) Christ brings so many truths. Christ brings so many truths. Some were transformed, others forgotten,  and others  — made up. He says: “And fear not them who kill the body, and the soul cannot kill; but fear him who that can destroy both soul and body...” (Matthew 10:28). This is stated (in a slightly rougher aspect) already in the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah. There, these installs are given not so much as an idea of salvation of the soul, but as an adaptation. But this is the way of mankind — with elementalisms to satisfy itself, and with half-truths to realize itself in the moral table of his personal, social and universal life.

"But Jesus, when he called the youth, said: Let the children come unto me, and do not stand in their way, for this is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, he that receiveth not the kingdom of God as a child shall not enter into it" (Luke. 18:16-17). The innocence of the child is one of the external images of the purity of our soul. And to exercise anathema upon this soul and reject it from communion with the institution, which is supposedly its defender, and that man can no longer be a member of this society... This is such a severe depression in terms of moral judgments. But they do not stop even at what is said in the Gospel!

Anathema is the cruellest word used against the spiritual nature of man.

The literal translation of this word is a curse and excommunication from the social givenness, also applied as a ceremony. In the Christian church statute, in art. 189, item 14 the anathema is voted as part of the penalties that may be imposed.  And in item 13 it is said: "Complete exclusion from communion with the Church". What about the further evolution of the human soul? Is not it Christianised? It is even said to have been born a Christian...

Anathema is not an essence, it is a phenomenon that insults, which with its curse brings in poison which distances and befouls the human soul! This phenomenon does have effectiveness, but when the man is not yet initiated. The initiated is not subordinate to it.

However, as a social factor and as a religious tool for thousands of years, anathema offends and sends human souls into the muddy matter (even initiated, but not from the rank of the untouchables). And the problem is not only that a soul can be murderously soaked in curse poison, there is something much more horrible. It is forgotten that it is part of the national givenness, which realizes its historical way. A people's way! And when a dozen personalities in this people are anathematized (it is not about a percentage of the jagged soul being of a nation), and if these ten are the chosen manifestation of the national culture... That is why many nations are writhing in retribution, without having supposedly visible historical crimes! And here is the incompatibility of the Bulgarian soul with what it finds and with what a common life must continue. The Bulgarian people (who have a very special – mystical soul) seeking togetherness, must find a place for their spiritual growth in Roman-Byzantine culture, which at its core is violence and hypocrisy and whose morality is applied by inquisitional Europe. These are not small things when we need to talk about the spiritual path, about the values born of one people. Then it can be understood what kind of horror is the idea of opposing to man an enemy who is his own self; to bring fear and, after all, excommunicate him with a curse. Is this the idea with which a personality is built, which is not only a part of the society, essence of the national way and spirit, but also essence of the historical service in the Universality?!

We wonder why whole continents are so distant from each other in an indisputable instant correspondence. Because the soulness is different! A doctrine that believes in reincarnation cannot use anathema. But the word anathema is not only used in Christianity — it is also present in pre-Christian times. In the Jewish religion, created fear enters even through the Ten Commandments of God — if you mention the name of God, you invoke His wrath. But there the characteristic is completely different— the whole doctrine is built by instilling fear of Deity. Why did Moses set these formulas? Because he must lead a nation out of slavery, he must bind a believing unorganized human mass to a country surrounded by dozens of tribes with different religious beliefs. He then uses the fear of God for social reform, which gives him the right to call himself a "theocrat" — whatever he says is law or forgiveness.

As a term anathema enters the Christian church, imposed by the Apostle Paul. He has the view — as a citizen of the universal Roman Empire — of the need for universality of Christ's Teaching, but he also introduces anathema. In his Epistles to the Galatians and Colossians, he explicitly asks for anathema for himself— to be excommunicated from Christ because he is "perverted". Pure Judaism! He cannot take the Jewish doctrine off himself despite the initiation he has. Unfortunately, Christianity does not open the book of occult knowledge either. Although Christ teaches them occultism, they invent other teachings!

What does the Church do? It splits itself and inflicts anathemas upon itself. Officially, there is an anathema between the Church of Constantinople (under which auspices the Bulgarian Church is) and the Roman Pontifical Church, which lasted from 1054 to 1964. Can you imagine what a lasso is set, and not only on the individual human confession in the scale of perfection in the Teaching of Christ - the lasso of negation, of the curse, of mutual destruction! (Not to mention the elementary blasphemies which the top leaders of these institutions address to each other!) For nine hundred and ten years, two institutions professing the same Teaching of Christ live in anathema. Now the damage from this curse is present. Moreover, they are acrimonious in their moral and social behaviour. They made crusades, created the Inquisition, indulgences, and later with the Reformation continued to anathemize each other. How much leprosy is shed! And it is written in the Revelation of John: The cup of leprosy is poured out, the cup of vengeance is poured out. However, they cannot see themselves doing it!

Branding with iron applied as a penalty at the church councils puts a mark — it will be carried, it will be visible..., but it will heal! And the anathema resembles the Bulgarian tale about the bear: “How are you, Granny Bear? Well, the wound is gone, but the bad word remains!

With this tale, our people find respectfulness in the threshold raised as morality. Not to say an abusive, offensive word, let alone to utter a curse against the opposite!

When will one realize what the curse means on his spiritual wholeness, not to mention the historical necessity! Yet humanity has survived, survived in the path of Christ as fit for a sociality that evolution has allowed.

Of course, this is not an excuse — evolution does bring things so far, but at the same time it gives man the right to put his talent into development or to bury it, as written in the parable of the talents.

Therefore, a person also has impregnability to what the empowered wants to do to him...

Undoubtedly, the anathema as a ceremony can be performed only by the highest hierarchy (called a synod, a papal institution, etc.) and we see it on several occasions in the historical steps: against the councils of the Bogomils, against the Adamites, against the Barlaamites. There we see actually practiced not only branding with a hot iron, but also verbal anathematizing. Both the leaders and their followers were anathematized. (But it cannot be said that after the death of the anathematized leaders their followers were also destroyed - on the contrary, they exist and work!) There is persecution and curses on the part of the Jewish church against the Christian one as well.

Gamaliel says to the Sanhedrin: Why are you persecuting them — if this is God's work, you will not overthrow it, and if it is human, it alone will be destroyed! Of course, this is a formula for allowing Heaven to judge; a formula by which a religious philosophy deprives of personal will. It cannot be accepted that an institution alone decides; the individual must also be given the right to an awakened intuition. Every occult student knows that with thought-form he can make a garment of impregnability. Imagine what blasphemies are poured out against Christ! They call him rabid and what not. He who marvels at his wisdom at the age of twelve, and when he is thirty and has followers, to be rabid!? So personal impregnability, as well as the protection of a society that initiates, is indisputable. Both Vasiliy Vrach and priest Bogomil were anathematized, but the Bogomil movement continues to exist. Of course, we cannot defend the Bogomils in their dualism, nor in the idea of ​​the anarchist principle to deny the state and the church as recklessly as they do. That is why they do not establish a state or a church anywhere. And when they renounce Bogomilism, they become Muslims. They, who are extreme dualists, in the fourteenth century go to the so-called monotheism, become the most outspoken monotheists, and Islamists. Thus, later, Bogomilism alone ends its being. 

So the garment in which a school is dressed, is also the aura of this community. Personal soulness is a good sign of this. And the apostle Paul is an example - calls himself a "miscreant" and a "sinner" and the Roman authorities crucified him ...

Unfortunately, the consequences of the anathema still befoul the human soul. This tool  - the curse, has only the soul as its target! It is written: "...whoever tells his brother "raka" (empty-headed, cracked), will be guilty before the Sanhedrin. If you say "madman", he will be guilty of the fiery hell! (Matthew 5: 21-24). See how precisely, how responsibly a term should be used, because it is the energies that create the earthquake force in the soulness, in thinking. This is how sensitive the measurability of what is used is when it comes to the human soul - "madman!" As in the other, in the Old Testament formula — "coward!" Fear brings Samson back to have his hair cut. Because Samson has natural fear, but no insight that a formula of fear can take away his strength — in defense of his false courage he loses his insight. They cut his hair and he became a laughing stock.

Values ​​that do not offend the human soul are the most valuable thing we need to know about and the most necessary thing we need to live with. Mankind is clogged with regulations and laws, with worries which are care in its carelessness. But now, with the wakefulness of the knowledge of the Wisdom (which is freedom from restriction), the thesis will be introduced that as gods in evolution we must have a free altar of service to God — without fear, without hatred, without curse. It is not enough to say that the dead is no longer our enemy. If we have allowed him to leave without the knowledge of freedom, without the knowledge of what fear is and what the enemy is, he will remain an enemy. Dimcho Debelyanov could not make a bigger discovery than this social formula "The dead is no longer our enemy" and therefore there is no need to defend ourselves. The ancients said, "For the dead, or nothing, or only praise," but they did not say that we should teach him. Christ taught: "Forgive them!". Now the Wisdom has given: "Teach us!" Teach us to resurrect, teach us freedom from fear, freedom from the enemy, freedom from anathema!

Everywhere in the holy books we will find the terror of fear reigning — both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. It was not just a lack of hierarchy that was a problem, sometimes Teachers were not allowed to reveal more from the secrets they knew. Christ said, I have many things to say unto you, but ye are not ready. This is a natural formula — to call both on the social stage and in our altar praying the enlightenment for freedom.

Man has all the inserted powers to realize himself as a god in development, since evil is unevolved good. And does he have the opportunity not only to preserve his personality, but also to protect the being of a Teaching? It is not just a question of the sacrifice, it is also a question of preserving until the moment when the sacrifice has to sanctify the deed. Sacrifices should not be given in vain — they must be made meaningful! Even after the Second World War, the two great truths which divided the world did not come to light. One is individual banditry — Al Capone-vism, and the other — the socialist tomb!

There are two doctrines — the doctrine of ultimate individualism, of the individual (the person Christ undoubtedly defended against the doctrine of the collective Jewish religion) and the world of social formations. In the history of mankind, separate processes for the protection of the individual, or rather of man before society, can be traced back to ancient Athens. There you will see that the individual in the square, with or without a defect, is a person! (Although they condemn Socrates for "corrupting the youth.") At the other pole is Sparta. There is a collective cause — all in defence of the future and great state — every child born with defects is thrown off the cliff. There is therefore a social protection. Here are the differences.

Why did individual banditry appear just after the Second World War? Because the behaviour of the victors, who proclaim the idea of ​​individuality against the social-collective and against the socialist body (the other side did it), is obvious. In the idea of ​​individual protection, they destroy not only states — but the terrible thing is also that they destroy entire people! And it is the people who make the state — the state cannot make a people! This individual banditry ruthlessly decides the destinies of people, leaving them in the tomb of socialism! And in such a world is born the Charter of Human Rights, in which no one mentions the moral greatness and dignity of the individual.

Where are the Christian values! (But... this is the natural "concern" of the institutions, dressed in Pharisaic.)

For thousands of years, humanity has been realizing itself as an ethic of violence and hypocrisy. Christ does not stop to openly say "whitewashed tombs", "hypocrites", and the centuries pass under the pressure of these two doctrines. The Renaissance epoch is coming, and it is one of the most destructive formulas to which so many songs have been sung.  The Renaissance gave birth to Dante Alighieri, who placed in nine circles of Hell the whole soulness of mankind. Isn't this fear; Isn't this an enemy ?! But there were no Christian virtues... And how did they give them to him? With hypocrisy! And humanity, of course, hypocritically responds... And "The Lost Paradise" by John Milton?! It is written there that Adam justifies himself before God: "Didn't you make me out of mud ?!" The cheapest and most uninsighted thing! Adam says very clearly: I am naked! He does not oppose but seeks his development. Not like a biography. No one can say either Adam's date of birth or death because he is not making a biography, but a characteristic. He falls asleep to give birth! And he brings forth life, he brings forth Eve. This is the characteristic of Adam – the birth!

If one cannot string precious stones, Christ says: At least do not throw them at the feet of pigs! So many false things are said and written by bearers of "new" cultures! They enter the twenty-first century with the now obsolete idea of the magic carpet. The magic carpet is a need for civilization, but a pure soul is a need for the temple of God! And the Renaissance befouls the human soul, the Reformation throws it back not three, but three hundred centuries, because it takes the holiest away! Not because it takes only two of the seven sacraments. The point is that valence and emphasis are set on practicality - to become a great businessman of one’s soul values!?

Our culture has its natural source in Christian teaching. Mankind must be blind and non-reflexive, not to react after proclaiming a doctrine such as Christianity in its values ​​of personality against the doctrine of collective consciousness and animal being. However, there is something else, something that is missing in this culture — the culture of the Samaritan woman's well. The waters of this well are running out. Only the living water of Christ has no end! However, the majority go to the Samaritan woman's well to get plain water — few go to the living one! Thus, humanity finds formulas that destroy the value, puts out the living fire. 

"Fire destroys life, and water saves it!" Yes, water saves life, but only after it is created by fire. It is said that Zeus created life by fire and Prometheus by water. But Prometheus will leave. And right here rises a Great Wall of China: "Give the water!", i.e. give the astral, the desire, not: "Give the fire!" — the mind. They cannot insight this! And various "apostles" and pastors proclaim doctrines, and give teachings... And they even use baptism. Indeed, in baptism there is immersion in water, but let them continue reading a little further — there is also anointing, which is the Holy Spirit, the Fire! They diverge! A way that confuses culture and creates only reflections. And the secret of Christ's teaching is in the insight I and Father are One! Can God be so limited with this Self? Never! And then we will understand why we have to accept the formula for disobedience, which Christ does in the idea of ​​Freedom, which gives birth to His Teaching. The idea of ​​Freedom! And it is freedom from fear, freedom from the enemy, freedom from anathema.

So anyone who instills an idea of fear or uses an enemy or anathema is a living danger - whether an institution or a person, it doesn't matter. Freedom from fear is freedom from oneself, freedom from selfishness — for the sake of God in oneself! When we free God in us, freedom will be unity. It will give immortality, and immortality is a sign of fearlessness. When you are convinced of immortality, you have no fear of death!

Mankind has been taught for millions of years that it is dying. And one day, when death comes, it cannot know that it will resurrect.

Religions have no insight when they think up that when a person dies, his spirit goes to God and his body (because it was ostensibly soil?) goes in the soil. No! What soil is this body that can give birth to geniuses, can give birth to creators who have created art that never sets; what kind of soil is this brain, what kind of soil are these millions of cells vibrating with our spirit — they are defending what the Spirit has put in place! And when God creates, does He take soil from this planet? Well, before that He says: Let there be living souls! Amazing is the lack of insight, but it is a gift of intuition, not a reflection of the mind...

The proud forehead is a sign that man has intuition — not thinking. The Bulgarian has a proud and dignified forehead, although some do not defend our being, but rush to humiliate our national value by asking for prizes — such small-minded thinking! One has to know how to think in order to bring forth a reflex to the truth! Let it be a reflex — but let it be for truth, let it be felt! It cannot be conveyed in words, if it is not fully assimilated. It is not a whim, but a source.

How can people live by having breakfast only with anger and lunch only with complaint! This is not a being and is not a garment of the Spiritual Wave of the Wisdom. If only that it can do — to free you from anger and resentment and take off your garment which someone gifted to you, so that you yourself weave your own certainty and majesity, is already great! That is why I said in the Message: Do not look for a memory of man!

Everything given by the Wisdom (especially in the Messages) is one great living torch of truth. If someone wants to just warm their hands with it, that is a step, too. Thus, the world will be freed from a development in which it has lived for more than thousand years — between Behold the Man! and This is My Beloved Son! Today, the Wisdom emphasizes on the "Beloved Son". The doctrine "Behold the Man" has passed. It was namely it which left the idea in the Roman Empire: "Man for man is a wolf." There is such a stage, and it is natural for an ideology that leads a country with the wolf emblem to carry such an idea and for it to be a logical source and conclusion. But for Christ Heaven says: This is My beloved Son! From here begins the great duel in Europe as a culture, and then — in the world. And that is exactly what must be overcome now. Then we will not need a microscope or a telescope to see that there was a Star of Bethlehem and a tomb from which one resurrects! There will simply be life, which is proof of indisputable Spirituality. What will it be called? Mankind puts many names on it. But when it does not have a name with which to legitimize its Godlikeness, then mankind will only know it, because God is not to prove - God is to live!

This is freedom from mind, awakening of the soul, which is a messenger, a sister of the Spirit. This is the secret which man must unravel in his behaviour, so that there is no enemy, but to love oneself in the other, not to have an awakened feeling that one must live with fear of the Godhead!

 Man will find not an excuse, but certain means with which to stop behaviour with negative energy. In evolution, these layers both on the planet itself and in its settlers often experience seizures. It often makes its own volcanoes. What we call "social reality" will rise to a revolution or rebellion which no one can justify but cannot deny either. But when one sees the secret of development, then will know why the child should have its own walker, why when it runs, it should fall. It will fall — to awaken in itself not only responsibility, but the potential opportunity to stand up! Because age awaits him, initiation awaits him, temple and altar and visit to realms await him! This is the recognition of the scale of our development. Furthermore, we have a law of retribution and a law of morality! Christ says to Peter: Peter, hide the knife, because whoever draws a knife dies from a knife! This is an old order and very responsible — the law that brings retribution! And in the law of morality, which can give birth to remorse, Christ frees Peter by healing the one with the severed ear.

Our people say: "Let evil sleep under a stone!" It is placed to mature — but not as evil, but as evolving into good. The embers of evil are not blown to ignite logs but are suppressed, so that enlightenment matures and evolves in the way of perfection! Mankind at this time cannot step over its development for more godlikeness. Maybe there is a fear of sacred commandments or of tragedies? It is written in the Old Testament: Rachel still cries and weeps inconsolably, because her children will not return, but Rachel puts a quite cruel sting and a "small" deception, for her husband to bless her beloved Jacob. This is immoral behaviour - not to have the courage that truth, that holiness is more than the need to have life on earth. A life burdened before life majestic! Few will make their island being first in themselves and then will find freedom from what surrounds them. Thus, humanity does not need to learn lessons of how to love. For millions of years, it has expressed solicitude that has hierarchized in love to make it human. And he is the only one who can image-creatively return man.

Freedom from anathema, from a curse, is needed; freedom from an enemy, who is our own soulness unevolved in wakefulness. And fear is of the seeking Godlikeness, embedded in matter. Christ freed it, He resurrected. Resurrection is life given to everyone and an opportunity embedded in everyone. Humanity is one gathered God! As He endures all, so all must learn to bear their god; to ensure him freedom from fear, life without enemies; to ensure him majesity as well, because the soul is the best thing that makes God earthly. Majesty without curse because the pure soul is a temple of God! 

Sorrow, which has not become wisdom, is suffering;
sorrow that has become wisdom is radiance!


* See Mathew 2:16.


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