„...Spirit and flame was my way and my being.“
‎‎Vaklush Tolev

Vaklush Tolev The Teacher Vaklus Tolev was born in Bulgaria on January 7, 1923, on the day of the Christ Nativity, in the village of Popovitsa, Plovdiv region. He completed his earthly journey on November 27, 2013 in the city of Sofia.‎ ‎He studied Law at the Faculty of Law of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". He was expelled in 1946 for political reasons. He spent many years in camps and prisons where he wrote poetry, dramas, philosophical essays, studied German, French, English... After his release from prison, he graduated in Theology at the Theological Academy, Sofia.

Since 1991 he has begun lecturing on the History of Religions at Plovdiv, Sofia, and other universities. Later, the trilogy "History and Theory of World Religious Teachings" was published based on these lectures. It consists of the works "History of Religions" and "Esoteric Schools and Mystical Teachings" - Part I (pre-Christian occultism) and Part II (post-Christian occultism). These works are a new global view of the presence and role of spiritual and occult knowledge in the personal, social, and historical being of mankind.

In addition to university courses, Vaklush Tolev delivers speeches and talks that shape the overall appearance of a new Teaching called ‎‎Way of the Wisdom Teaching.

The Wisdom is a new hierarchy as a sequence of Spiritual doctrines in the World evolution. It is part of the great chain of doctrines of the Spiritual Waves: The Wave of the Creation, of the Mythology, of the Righteousness, of the Love, of the Wisdom, of the Truth, and of the Freedom. For the first time in the world, Vaklush Tolev gives a Doctrine for the hierarchy of the Spiritual Waves and proclaims yet another Spiritual Wave, the Wave of the Wisdom.‎

Since 1993, Vaklush Tolev's lectures, words and talks have been published ‎‎in his author's magazine "Nur"‎‎ ("Nur" – unquenchable, imperishable light). For the magazine's motto, he puts his aphorism "There is no evil, there is unevolved good." In his Teaching, he does not accept the Fall, but believes that knowing good and evil is the impetus of man's evolution. ‎‎"Evolution does not have the task of creating prosperity, but gods", says Vaklush Tolev.



The human soul

The soul is substantial and also needs protection.

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but by those who can mock and destroy your soul!"


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